Spiritual Master & Life Coach

Life Coaching, Solution Focused Therapy

An enlightened and spiritually awakened master, whose role is to guide and support human kind in awakening their devine power through her teaching of spiritual laws & spiritual principles; which are the core of our essence.

I am spiritual life coach who uses her inner power to support individuals in discovering their blockage and unleashing their power to become free, happy, harmonious, successful and fulfil their lives.

Special Approach To Every Client

Personal & Professional Development

Founder Of Awakened Mind Center

The Afro-center for spiritual awakening and personal development.

The Awakened Mind Center is an organization focused on providing a home of spiritual awakening and enlightenment for people of African descent from all over the world. Founded by Brannaa B. Neya, a spiritual teacher and leader, the center fosters love, peace, unity, and togetherness by cultivating consciousness and enabling people from all ove

Spiritual Awakening your Authentic-Self

An Unconditional Loving Spot

If you are trying to reconnect with your Authentic -Self while struggling with FEAR, CONFUSION, LONELINESS, and LACK OF CONFIDENCE around the Dark Night of the soul or the spiritual awakening process as a whole.

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